Resolutions adopted by the Annual General Meeting of Stockholders

23 May 2019

On May 23, 2019 OAO IDGC of Urals (a part of PAO Rosseti family) conducted its Annual General Meeting of Stockholders in Yekaterinburg. The meeting was chaired by PAO Rosseti’s Chief Advisor and Chair of the IDGC of Urals’ Board of Directors Yuri Goncharov.

In the course of the meeting, the stockholders have approved FY2018 annual report and financial statements. The stockholders have also agreed to pay RUB 0.003 as dividends per one common share of the Company as of FY2018 in monetary form.

In his speech, Yuri Goncharov, the Company’s Board of Directors’ Chair, emphasized: “The Year 2018 has brought the Company a train of milestone events and new challenges. Since the beginning of the year, large-scale reshuffles broke out on the energy market of the Urals Federal District, with three providers of the last resort, operating in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, losing their status in a rapid-fire succession. In a move intended to avoid payment disruption, these functions were statutorily assigned to OAO IDGC of Urals. The Company has tackled the task. Despite the burden, our team has managed to generate the RUB 797.5 million net income. By the year-end, the Company retained its position in the Russia’s Top-100 public companies by their market value”.

In his speech, Yuri Goncharov also underlined management’s efforts in implementing pilot projects under the Digital Transformation 2030 Concept, adopted by the PAO Rosseti’s Board of Directors in late 2018: “The Company implements the following pilot projects - beta-testing of LoRaWAN technology in our Permenergo branch and new blockchain-based approach regarding interaction between entities on the retail electricity market in Yekaterinburg. Besides, the Company has filed a proposal on inclusion of the project “Build-up of a CIM-based integrated information system for support of decision taking” into the second stage of PAO Rosseti’s pilot projects.

The stockholders approved the following composition of the Board of Directors:

  • Dmitry Alekseevich Bobkov, PAO Rosseti’s PR Department Director
  • Yury Vladimirovich Goncharov, PAO Rosseti’s Chief Advisor
  • Roman Avgustovich Dmitrik, OOO Regional Distribution Grid Company’s General Director
  • Sergey Georgievich Dregval, OAO IDGC of Urals’ General Directoк
  • Yury Kazbekovich Zafesov, PAO Rosseti’s Procurement Department Director
  • Tatyana Aleksandrovna Ivanova, PAO Rosseti’s Deputy Director of Tariff Department
  • Dmitry Aleksandrovich Meneylyuk, PAO Rosseti’s Director of Property Management Department
  • Natalia Aleksandrovna Ozhe, AO GAZEKS’ Deputy General Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs
  • Sergey Vasilyevich Podlutsky, PAO Rosseti’s Investment Department Director
  • Yakov Savelyevich Tesis, OOO Renova Aktiv’s M&A and Project Director
  • Aleksandr Viktorovich Shevchuk, Association of Institutional Investors’ Executive Director

The stockholders approved the following composition of the Board of Internal Auditors:

  • Marina Alekseevna Lelekova, PAO Rosseti’s Oversight Department Director
  • Svetlana Anatolyevna Kim, PAO Rosseti’s Head of Oversight Directorate of Oversight Department
  • Elena Aleksandrovna Kabizskina, PAO Rosseti’s Deputy Head of Oversight Directorate of Oversight Department
  • Artem Nikolayevich Kirillov, PAO Rosseti’s Deputy Head of Oversight Directorate of Oversight Department
  • Elena Stanislavovna Erandina, PAO Rosseti’s chief expert of Oversight Expert Directorate of Oversight Department
In the course of the meeting, stockholders also approved OOO Ernst & Young as the Company’s auditor as well as amended and restated bylaws.

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