Resolutions adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Stockholders

15 September 2017

On Sep. 14, 2017 IDGC of Urals (a part of Rosseti family) conducted its Extraordinary General Meeting of Stockholders in Yekaterinburg.

The stockholders approved the following composition of the Board of Directors:

Sergey Georgievich Dregval, General Director at IDGC of Urals (OAO)
Sergey Aleksandrovich Semerikov, Chief Advisor at Rosseti (PAO)
Vladimir Vladimirovich Sofyin, Director of Technological Development and Innovations Department at Rosseti (PAO)
Aleksey Yuryevich Serov, Director of Finance Department at Rosseti (PAO)
Yury Vladimirovich Goncharov, Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance at Rosseti (PAO)
Aleksandr Nikolayevich Fadeev, Chief Advisor at Rosseti (PAO)
Yulia Vitalyevna Yascheritsyna, Director of Economic Planning and Budgeting Department at Rosseti (PAO)
Roman Avgustovich Dmitrik, General Director at Regional Distributive Grid Company (ООО)
Yakov Savelyevich Tesis, M&A and Project Director at Renova Aktiv (ООО)
Natalia Aleksandrovna Ozhe, Deputy General Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs at Gazeks (АО)
Aleksandr Viktorovich Shevchuk, Executive Director at Association of Professional Investors

*positions as of the nomination date

To view the EGSM minutes, please, visit Section “General Shareholder Meeting” of our official web-site.

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