26 November 2008

ОАО “IDGC of Urals” (RTS and MICEX: MRKU), united operating company of the Urals region exercising control over distributive grid complexes in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Perm regions – reports on the results of the Company’s committees’ sessions.

November 26, 2008 saw the conclusion of results of the first extramural sessions of the following Company’s BoD committees: Audit Committee, Reliability Committee and Strategy and Development Committee. These committees’ sessions were devoted to reviewing and making decisions on the following issues:

- Election of the committees’ vice-chairpersons;

- Election of the committees’ secretaries;

- Approval of the committees’ working plans;

- Approval of the committees’ budget drafts till AGM.

Participants of Audit Committee session are:

- Pavel OKLEI, Deputy General Director – Technical Director at ОАО “Holding MRSK”, committee chairperson;

- Yuri LOGINOV, Managing consultant at “Branan”;

- Tatiana GAVRILOVA, Analyst at “Halcyon Advisors”.

Participants of Reliability Committee session are:

- Pavel OKLEI, Deputy General Director – Technical Director at ОАО “Holding MRSK”, committee chairperson;

- Yulia DOBAKHYANTS, Leading expert, Section of Operating Technological Management Development, Operating Technological Management Department at ОАО “Holding MRSK”;

- Irina YULDASHEVA, Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”;

- Eduard SHAPOCHKIN, Deputy Chief Operating Officer on Technical Maintenance and Repairs at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”;

- Yuri LEBEDEV, Deputy General Director on Technical Issues – Chief Operating Officer at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”;

- Anatoly ZAITSEV, Head of Quality Control Section, Technical Inspection Department at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”.

Participants of Strategy and Development Committeesession are:

- Andrei LUKIN, Director, Head of Strategy and Development Center at ОАО “Holding MRSK”, committee chairperson;

- Aleksei SHLYKOV, Director for Finance at ОАО “Holding MRSK”;

- Aleksei SEDYKH, First Deputy General Director at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”;

- Sergey SEMERIKOV, Deputy General Director for Capital Construction, Strategic Development and Investments at ОАО “IDGC of Urals”;

- Konstantin SHEVCHENKO, Director of Moscow Representative Office of “E.D.M. Electricity Distribution Management (Cyprus) Limited”

Election of the committees’ vice-chairpersons and secretaries as well as approval of the committees’ working plan and budget drafts creates a foundation for further fruitful work of both these committees and the Company’s Board of Directors on the whole.

We remind that creation of the BoD committees continues targeted policy of the Company to improve Corporate Governance standards.

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