13 November 2008

ОАО «IDGC of Urals» (RTS and MICEX: MRKU), united operating company of the Urals region exercising control over distribute grid complexes in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Perm regions – reports on listing auction results.

ОАО “IDGC of Urals” summed up the results of the auction for the right to conclude agreement on:

Lot №1 – Listing and maintaining the Company’s shares in exchange quotation list:

- Securities’ expertise with a view to listing;

- Securities’ listing and circulation with an opportunity to trade in Russian currency;

- Securities’ listing by organizing trading as ongoing double action of offsetting anonymous offers;

- Maintaining securities in exchange quotation lists.

Lot №2 – Exchange listing:

- Securities’ listing and trading with participation of non-residents;

- Securities’ listing (or securities’ transfer from one to another quotation list) in a procedure stipulated in the Exchange Regulations on listing;

- Expertise of documents submitted for listing;

- Maintaining securities’ in exchange quotation lists, including monitoring and control over observation of exchange normative requirements;

- Organization of transaction with securities in Russian or foreign currency on behalf of Russian residents and non-residents.

The auction was acknowledged invalid because the Company received one bid for each lot.

Having reviewed and evaluated listing terms offered by the participants, the Company’s auction commission decided to conclude agreements with:

Lot №1 – ZAO «SE MICEX»;

Lot №2 – ОАО «SE «RTS».

Therefore, following agreement conclusion the Company’s common shares will be listed on leading Russian exchanges.

We remind that on June 11, 2008 the Company’s common shares with the nominal value of RUR 0.1 were permitted for trading in Section “Securities permitted for trading without listing” of ОАО “SE “RTS” and on ZAO “SE “MICEX” (on June 18, 2008).

More details on the auction, action documentation and auction commission protocol can be found on the official web-site of the Russian Federation on tenders at www.zakupki.gov.ru as well as on the official corporate web-site at www.mrsk-ural.ru, Section Tenders/ Tender results.

For additional information on the Company, please, visit the Company’s corporate web-site (www.mrsk-ural.ru) as well as Complex Information Disclosure System SKRIN (www.skrin.ru), Interfax (www.interfax.ru) and AKM (www.akm.ru).