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In accordance with the notification from the Federal Financial Markets Service (#08-АС-03/19139 dd. 04.09.2008) the serial numbers (tickers) of the following additional common registered non-documentary share issues were cancelled:

002D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-002D dd. 24.04.2008;

003D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-003D dd. 24.04.2008;

004D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-004D dd. 24.04.2008;

005D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-005D dd. 24.04.2008;

006D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-006D dd. 24.04.2008;

007D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-007D dd. 24.04.2008.

The cancellation was due to the expiration of 3 months since the state registration of the placement reports on additional issue. At present common registered non-documentary shares of the Company are traded under mrku ticker (MICEX, Level 1 Quotation List).