Information on share issues

State registration number 1-01-32501-D
Issue registered on 03.05.2005
Amount Issued 87,430,485,711 shares
Face value RUB 0.1


Share form (119.7 кб) (In Russian)

Prospectus (15.2 мб) (In Russian)

Resolutions, placement reports, notifications (7.4 мб) (In Russian)

The Federal Financial Markets Service has issued a notice (No.08-АС-03/19139 dated as of 04.09.2008) on cancellation of the codes of the additional common registered non-documentary share issues, listed below:

  • 002D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-002D dd. 24.04.2008;
  • 003D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-003D dd. 24.04.2008;
  • 004D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-004D dd. 24.04.2008;
  • 005D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-005D dd. 24.04.2008;
  • 006D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-006D dd. 24.04.2008;
  • 007D, state registration number 1-01-32501-D-007D dd. 24.04.2008.

The codes of these additional issues were automatically cancelled after a 3-month post-registration period has come to an end.

At present common registered non-documentary shares of the Company are traded under mrku ticker (Moscow Stock Exchange, Level 2 Quotation List).

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