How to correct errors in the register?

According to clause 5 Article 44 of Federal Joinst-Stock Companies’ Law (#208-FZ dd 26.12.1995) a registered person should timely notify the registrar on all alterations of information regarding his/her personality. In case the information is not submitted, the Company and registrar shall not be held liable for incurred losses.

In case information is altered, a shareholder should introduce the alterations into the shareholder register. All alterations are introduced by the registrar from a questionnaire filled in by the shareholder.

To download and fill-in a questionnaire, please, visit official site of the registrar – Status, AO (Section Shareholders – Blank forms). All alterations should be paid for according to the current tariffs of the registrar. For more details on the procedure (changes of passport details, address or dividend payout method), please, visit official web-site of the registrar.

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