How to get hard copies of Company’s documents?

In compliance with Art. 91 of the Federal Joint-Stock Companies’ Law IDGC of Urals provides access to Company's documents and information to all interested persons at the Company’s HQ premises or provides hard copies of the documents.

The fee charged by the Company for hard copies is determined by the calculation and contains expenses incurred to produce them.

Bank details for payments:

  • Recipient of payment: IDGC of Urals, ОАО
  • TIN: 6671163413, CPP code: 997450001
  • Bank: Ekaterinburg branch of GPB, OAO
  • RCBIC:    046568945
  • Settlement account:  40702810900261003379
  • Corresponding account:  30101810800000000945

To view the calculation, please, click here (in Russian).