Annual reports

FY2020 Report

...Another operational year has ended. Changed economic environment, driven by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, was a test of solidity of the Russian economy and its infrastructure sectors. This new macroeconomic reality posed serious challenges to all energy companies, but the Company has obviously fulfilled all production plans...

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FY2019 Report

... Analyzing FY2019 performance of Rosseti Ural (new brand of OAO IDGC of Urals), I am happy to note that the Company once again has demonstrated its leadership on the regional energy market of the Urals and Kama regions. Our FY2019 financial and economic performance shows that we managed to neutralize objective factors with adverse impact on the Company’s finances, which occurred in 2018... The Rosseti Ural personnel has also achieved all targets on reliability of supply and coped with the strategically important objective to provide entities in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm region with uninterruptible and high-quality electricity supply. During the previous year, the Company also devised long-term plans on digital transformation of the networks and innovative technologies deployment....

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FY2018 Report

... The Year 2018 has brought the Company a train of milestone events and new challenges. Since the beginning of the year, large-scale reshuffles broke out on the energy market of the Urals Federal District, with three providers of the last resort, operating in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, losing their status in a rapid-fire succession. In a move intended to avoid payment disruption, these functions were statutorily assigned to OAO IDGC of Urals...The Company has tackled the task...Despite the burden, our team has managed to generate the RUB 797.5 million net income. By the year-end, the Company retained its position in the Russia’s Top-100 public companies by their market value ...

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FY2017 Report

... The Year 2017 has brought the Company a train of milestone events, thrilling triumphs and production achievements. The Company showed its outstanding financial and economic performance, proving that the Urals subsidiary of PAO Rosseti has chosen the right vector of development. It should also be mentioned that by the year-end OAO IDGC of Urals has entered TOP 100 Russian Companies by market capitalization for the first time ever ...

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FY2016 Report

... Just as in previous years, in 2016 IDGC of Urals (OAO) has demonstrated its sustainable significant performance retaining its dominant position on the energy market of the Urals and Kama regions, built on the principles of transparency, efficiency and integrity of business. The Company’s has outperformed its FY2015 financial and economic results...

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FY2015 Report

... The year we just left behind was quite symbolic for our domestic economy. It was full of events that continuously challenged our stability and strength. Industrial enterprises operated under worsened economic conditions on the back of limited resources. The power sector is no exception: the situation demanded peak concentration and attention from employees to raise performance efficiency...

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FY2014 Report

...Our Company has finalized another year of operations. Recent economic fluctuations have challenged Russian economy and its sectors. New macroeconomic environment formulated arduous tasks for utilities but we are confident to state that the Company has accomplished all the plans...

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FY2013 Report

...The year of 2013 has come to an end. Now I am confident to state that the Company has taken all necessary steps to minimize the negative impact on the Company’s achievements. In 2013 we have successfully discharged our liabilities, provided a reliable and faultless supply to consumers and showed strong financial results. Investments worth billions of rubles were backed up by everyday meticulous work of thousands of our employees. Their professionalism helped the Company retain a leading position in the Urals and Prikamye grid sector...

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FY2012 Report

...The past year gave the Board of Directors and management an opportunity to show their management skills during economic instability. Tariff restraints and last-mile consumer attrition have placed our possibility to achieve good financial and economic results in jeopardy. However, cost cutting and adjustment of our plans helped us both complete a largescale investment program and close the year in the black...

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FY2011 Report






...Another year has come to an end and brought a lot of significant сhanges, like it was in previous years. During the year the Company has demonstrated its control flexibility, its ability for a quick response to changing market scenarios and considerable gains in so doing. Unprecedented net profit and capital expenditures speak volumes for this...

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FY2010 Report







...The elapsed year became the year when post-crisis recovery of the Urals economy has triggered again. After serious meltdown in 2009 energy consumption commenced to grow again on our service area. Our management model, efficiently established and crisis-tested, enabled us to fully exploit our advantages against the backdrop of energy demand boom and to reach high results at the year-end...

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FY2009 Report







...2009 was a check-out period for the Company in terms of efficiency under severe economic environment. The Urals region was among the regions mostly affected by economic recession that caused a significant decrease of energy consumption. In this severe environment the Company's management focused its efforts on internal resource generation and cost saving, meanwhile ensuring required supply reliability and investment program execution. Energy supply in 2009 totaled 75.8 bln. kWh (-10.5 bln. kWh or -12% on 2008) that is greatly influenced by economic recession and energy consumption decrease by large industrial consumers (metallurgy and machine-building). Despite it, overall 2009 revenues totaled US$ 1.3 bln., net profit - US$ 33.2 mln. These positive results were achieved due to a range of measures aimed at increasing the Company's efficiency, including the switch-over of repair, metering and IT services onto non-contracted form...

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