Market share

OAO IDGC of Urals renders services to customers across the Perm, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. The Company is a natural monopoly with state-regulated electricity transmission and connection tariffs. The area of service is also abundant in other regional grid operators transmitting electricity mainly through low- and medium-voltage networks.

In 2019, the Company’s GRR-based share of the electricity transmission market totaled 80.9%, RGO’s share being 19.1%. The Company increased its GRR-based share partly owing to implementation of the strategy regarding grid asset consolidation in the Company’s area of service.

The electricity sector of the areas of the Company’s presence evolves in line with the relevant regional schemes for development of the energy complex, generated in compliance with the Government Decree.

In 2019, the authorities of the Perm, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions have prepared and approved the schemes and blueprints for development of the energy sector for 2020-2024. Besides, in an effort to optimize plans on development of the grid sector, in 2019 OAO IDGC of Urals contracted Vega Group’s Engineering & Marketing Center and ООО MEI Engineering Center to revise the Integrated 35+kV Network Development Program for 2019-2023, adjusted for 2020-2024. The Program’s materials, incl. baseline data on existing capacity utilization and proposals on its increase, as well as proposals on Company’s nominees to be included into working groups, dealing with crafting of the schemes and blueprints for development of the energy sector for the next period, have been filed with the regional authorities to be used in the production of the schemes and programs for development of the energy complex for the next period.

The Board of Directors adopted the OAO IDGC of Urals’ 2016-2020 Innovation Development Program to be potentially extended till 2025. The following key directions of innovation-driven development were set to enhance efficiency of the program planning and implementation:

1. In terms of technological innovations:

  • Cutting-edge technologies and solutions – activities related to the usage of new materials, isolations, equipment in primary business processes (current limiters, controlled devices, new-type wires with improved electrical conductivity and durability, new-type isolators, power electronics, etc.);
  • Digitization of management and technological processes – transition from analogue to digital principles of control over relay protection and emergency automation, automated process control systems, metering and telecommunications (digital measuring transformers, digital network equipment, shift to digital substations etc.); digitization of production asset management; launch of digital monitoring in the networks and at substations;
  • Enhancement of grids flexibility – development of network properties to enhance resilience to network disturbance and automated restoration of normal operations (adaptive relay protection and emergency automation, control systems, logic automation, digital on-line network model).

2. In terms of organizational and marketing innovations:

  • Designing new and systemic re-engineering of existing business processes through the lens of end-to-end performance (management of production assets, management systems, front-end services, management of life cycles of the system, lean production practices);
  • HR management innovations (implementation of HR management technologies, relevant to this day);
  • Shaping innovative environment around the Company (collaboration with innovative companies, scientific and educational institutions dealing with scientific and technical issues by partnership in technological platforms, implementation of cooperation agreements with anchor higher education institutions).

In terms of grid digitization, the Innovation Development Program stipulates the implementation of IEC 61850 technical solutions related to digital data exchange in relay protection and automation systems at OAO IDGC of Urals’ pilot substations (Digital Technologies and Shift to Digital Substations) and All-round automation and telemetry of 0.4-10 kV distribution networks (Shift to Digital PDZ active-adaptive networks).

Under the cooperation agreement between PAO Rosseti and Nari Group Corporation, the Company has started a pilot project in Permenergo’s Ordzhonikidze PDZ to create a pilot site, where integrated network retrofitting and automated control solutions, focusing on enhanced reliability and quality of supply, reduced electricity losses and optimized capex and opex, are developed to be subsequently replicated and upscaled.

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