Board of Internal Auditors

Regulating bylaws

Key Objectives

The objectives of the Board of Internal Auditors are:

  • Oversight of financial and business operations of the Company;
  • Independent appraisal of authenticity of information contained in the Company’s annual report and financial statements.


The number of Board members is 5. The composition of the Board of Internal Auditors was approved by the Company’s AGSM (Minutes No.16 dd. 29.05.2020).

  • Elena Aleksandrovna Kabizskina
  • Svetlana Anatolyevna Kim
  • Artem Nikolayevich Kirillov
  • Marina Alekseevna Lelekova*
  • Lyudmila Stanislavovna Skrynnikova

* M.A. Lelekova is considered as a former Board of Internal Auditors member due to her July 17, 2020 written notice of resignation from the Board of Internal Auditors.

Resolutions adopted by the Board of Internal Auditors

Minutes are available only in Russian.

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